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Rotan Public Library


National Parks

National Park Ranger Zone
Become a junior ranger and talk to a forest ranger about what he does on the park. Find the Junior Ranger program closest to you.

Yellowstone National Park
Puzzles, word games, coloring books, and scavenger hunts on the wildlife in Yellowstone. Above all, learn about the exotic Mooselope, native to this site.

National Wildlife Federation
Celebrate wildlife by exploring careers, doing fun crafts, making yummy treats, and viewing pictures of some of the coolest animals on the web.


Are you ready for the big one? Learn everything you need to know about studying earthquakes, locations of recent activity, and materials and procedures you need to prepare for earthquakes.

FEMA Disaster Readiness for Kids
Learn about earthquakes, tornadoes, drought, power outages, extreme heat, and many other exceptional events. Know their causes and how you can be prepared! Also includes games, and FEMA reference materials for parents.


Kids Gardening
See what students are doing with plants and find out everything you ever wanted to know about worms.


Geology for Kids
Experiments, games, puzzles, fun facts, projects, lessons, and videos, all about rocks and the formation of the Earth.

Rockhound Kids
This is a site for all kids who love rocks -- if you collect rocks, then this is the site for you!